Hi, I'm Mike.


Here's where it all began:

I started fixing bikes at age 15.  I was riding a ton and starting to race.  I was also crashing a lot.  My race bike needed constant maintenance and adjustments.  What started as a way to keep my bicycle  rolling smoothly, grew into a passion all its own.  I was hooked on tuning and improving the ride of bicycles.  I would spend hours experimenting with different bearing grease, derailleur adjustments, tire combinations, spoke lacing patterns, and everything else in search for two wheeled perfection.  25+ years later, there's still nothing I'd rather be doing than turning wrenches, listening to music, and sipping a nice beer.

Experience is the best teacher:

Next time you go screaming at 70kph+ down a mountain think about your bicycle mechanic.  Working on bikes isn't simply a job for me.  I take great pride and care with each and every bicycle.  Bicycles are my life's passion.  I've developed my skill as a professional mechanic over decades.

*1992~1997: ProBikes, Asheville NC.

*1998~2000: Magic Cycles, Boone NC.

*2001: Cane Creek Cycling Components, Fletcher NC.

*2004: Performance Bike, Denver CO.

*2010~2011: BioWheels, Asheville NC.

*2010: Team Mechanic DIY Junior Team, Asheville NC.

*2012: Campus Cycles, Denver CO.

*2017~present: Owner MikeBike.

*2018: UCI Level 3 Mechanic Diploma, Aigle Switzerland.

*2018: UCI Mechanic Instructor Asia.

*2019: Tour de Korea Team Mechanic.