Quality Bike Products

I make it a point to stock my shop with quality handmade items from real craftsman.  If you're looking for a wonder frameset I have Triton Titanium handmade by my buddy Dmitry and his band of bicycle artisans in Moscow.  If you know that steel is real, I also carry Gunnar from Wisconsin, USA.  If you need a sweet bag for your bike, I have Restrap from England and Road Runner from L.A., USA.  Maybe you like to ride at night.  There are no better lights than KLite, Australia and Sinewave, USA. I also have contracts with regional and international bicycle parts distributors.  If you need it, odds are, I can get it.  

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Regional Distributors

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Korea has a lot of well equipped regional bicycle parts distributors.  Check out their websites for products that I carry or can special order for you and have waiting for you at my shop within 24hrs.